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Cloud-Based Intranet Services & Web Portals

One of the proven ways to improve your business over and over is to use latest efficient technologies. This is where our Cloud-based intranet comes into play which enables greater solution access and versatility than a standalone data center or hub. No need to purchase any equipment, no need to add extra IT staff, no need for cables flying around your office.

This is available for all categories of businesses weather is small, medium or large scale enterprises.

You can easily access your network anywhere in the world with your computer and a decent internet connection. Cloud computing is already shaping the way data is stored and accessed world-over at reduced cost and increase up-time on your company’s network. Some benefits of cloud intranet are but not limited to the following:

  • Reduced use of electricity
  • No need to worry about security and virus
  • You can always backup your data locally
  • There’s a much lower up-front cost

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