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Why are the Internet and Search Engines so important?

With the internet everywhere and easy access to it, majorly on modern mobile phones equipped with latest technologies have made it very easy to surf the internet searching for answers to their questions

According to statistics,  Internet users have grown so big and there are billions of searches every minute.

It’s important for businesses to take advantage of this great tool to grow, have internet presence your business deserves, reach potential customers(Locally or Globally), generate sales leads and increase revenueinteract with customers and get feedback.

81 percent of internet users find the websites they’re looking for through search engines. And 54 percent of experienced online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online.

Why digital marketing

Digital marketing enables businesses of all sizes to access the huge potential buyers of your products and services at an affordable price and allows truly personalized marketing.

Your business is actually losing revenue if you are not taking advantage of the great internet potentials or your digital marketing strategies is moving your business nowhere close to getting its online presence and goals. for instance, you are selling Italian shoes and your store in Ikeja. Customers within Ikeja and environs are ready to pay for your products and services but they can’t get you online. They have to travel to the island to get the same shoe you are selling probably at a cheaper price.

Some benefits of marketing include:

  1. Global reach and local presence
  2. Audience targeting and retargeting
  3. Lower cost compared big billboard and TV commercials
  4. You can track, measurable results and improve on areas you are lacking  
  5. Improved conversion rates, more sales, and revenue

Together, all of these aspects of digital marketing have the potential to add up to more sales

About Us

TechStack Solutions Limited is an indigenous Tech company with vast knowledge in the Information Technology world. TechStack is born out of the passion to make a dynamic change in IT service delivery in Nigeria and Beyond.

TechStack Solutions Limited comprises of seasoned tech experts with top-notch certifications and groundbreaking achievements in building technology solutions and services that are second to none in the industry.

We believe in delivering projects on time with quality. We provide the best of technologies for your business and can act as a bridge between you and technology so that your business can be at par with the latest technology and also enjoy seamless business operation. With our software applications and services, you are ways ahead of the competitors.

TechStack Solutions Limited specializes in the following:

  1. Software, Web and mobile app development
  2. IT infrastructure procurement and installations
  3. Cloud-based Intranet & Web Portals development (Collaboration made easy)
  4. Digital Marketing, eCommerce Solutions, Graphics Design and Branding,  and Promotions
  5. Staff Training Services and Tech Incubation
  6. Electronic and technology-driven security solutions,

Below is the breakdown of Digital Marketing services

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: According to Wikipedia, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results”

If your website pages don’t show up on the first page of search results on Google, Bing or Yahoo, your potential customers might not even know you exist. Better search engine visibility can be critical to boosting visits to your website, which can lead to increased brand awareness and higher sales and profits.

  1. Online Paid Promotions:
  •  Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search Marketing 
  • Display Advertising and 
  • Social Media Paid advertising 

Businesses can quickly reach their goals with online paid promotions by taking advantage of the huge community online. Immediate increase in traffic which in turn give more lead, sale and awareness, audience targeting and retargeting are possible, instant analytical results, potential customers are readily available for your products and services.

  1. Local and Mobile Marketing: According to statistics mobile users has increased by 52.2% in the first quarter of 2018 and this is expected to double in the coming years. With improved mobile technology, fast internet connectivity and state of the art smartphone that are equipped with the latest technology such as GPS, businesses are tapping into this enormous potentials to increase their visibility in mobile search results.

  1. Social Media Marketing: Social media enables connection, interactions, and information exchange across the internet. This tool has grown to a big platform where businesses can interact with customers and prospective buyers, from sharing products, services to customers feedback, conversation and reaching people world over.

  1. E-commerce marketing: E-commerce marketing is the practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase. A holistic eCommerce marketing strategy is made up of marketing tactics both on and off your website. Our sound marketing strategy can help you build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately increase online sales.

Combining different strategies to achieve your online business goals requires some special skills, that is why we want to help your business achieve their organizational goals.

Digital marketing is a journey in which the right steps will be taken, the correct strategies will be employed, there is room to correct the mistakes of the past and success will be recorded.

In space of 6 months we will:

  • Increased unique visitors by 45%
  • Increased organic traffic by 45%
  • Increased visitors with 5+ pageviews by 31%
  • Increased blog views by 94%
  • Brand reach increased by 441%

We combine efforts of experience and Google certified digital marketers, we help businesses achieve their goals and an envy of their competitor

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