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Today, there are more tools to build a website even without any knowledge of programming; and this has led to many awesome websites built and also a lot of websites that suck.   With the aid Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, BlogSpot and Wix, a website can be built to function within 30 minutes ― that is not the problem ― using just any template is! Introduction For people who are not too familiar with this niche of technology, a template is the structural build up of a website. It determines what goes where and how. Close your eyes and think of your dream house;

Overview If you are a school owner, be it a high school or a university, who wants the best educational environment and learning propaganda for your students and a very good organizational setting for your staff, then you really need to know about G Suite for education. G Suite for Education is a suite of applications which help enhances your innovative mindset, academic mindset, organization, collaboration and above all, the educational standards of your students. Brought into the scene by Google about a decade ago, G suite for education was formerly called Google Apps for Education. G suite for Education is similar to

Overview Searching for a one-stop user friendly solution to all your online needs as far as email, cloud computing, file hosting, calenders, video calls or collaborations are concerned? Are you the director of a company looking for a more efficient way to collaborate with your employees? Then you need to know of this amazing all-in-one online service, Googles own reply to a host of management and productivity difficulties faced by most businesses and organization, G suite! What is G Suite? G suite, formerly called Google Apps, is a suite of applications which was developed by Google. First launched in August 28, 2006, G suite aims

Overview More than a decade ago, Bill Gates introduced Microsoft Office. Since then, Microsoft has experienced tremendous success and a lot of Microsoft software, including web-based and offline software have been introduced to the public. It is quite unfortunate though, that irrespective of the numerous software by Microsoft, only few, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and  Microsoft PowerPoint, are known by the public. Though, these three Microsoft tools seem to be the most popular out there, there are powerful Microsoft tools which are incredibly useful especially to businesses and enterprises. On this note, this article discusses Microsoft Sharepoint, a web based collaborative

Overview If you are well oriented with the internet, you most probably should know, Clickbank, eBay on and the big guy, Amazon. Well, if you don't know them yet, these are e-commerce platforms where products can be purchased. Every day, thousands of people use these e-commerce platforms to get what they need and even interestingly, these products can be delivered to their doorsteps if they want. Yeah! No need to go to the local market anymore. But even as products are purchased daily from these online platforms, there are smart guys out there who utilize these e-commerce platforms and make cool money from them.

The advent of technology has made the world a better place. In 2017, various surprises and innovations filled our tech spaces, and there is no sign this is coming to an end anytime soon. Technology revolution keeps moving in a fast pace and changing with time. It has shaped the way we work, lives, and our existence as a whole. The evolution of technology in recent years recently has made us compiled  a list of the best 7 technologies trends to look out for in 2018 below: Clearer and Bigger TVs Different television features popping up daily which has made existing 4K sized TV going obsoletes in our

From time immemorial, it has been immeasurably impossible for humans to do without saving and transferring data. However, owing to the touch of technology, man has resorted from manual data stores and transfers to technological mediums. This is however due to the simplicity and broadness that accompanies these modern means prevalently known as databases. Let us learn about Blockchain Technology On if the many data saving means available and most widely used is the database. A database is an internet enabled client-server network builds-up used for saving information and other important documents organizations. It is one of the reliable and common medium for saving data

Overview(Microsoft Azure Cloud Services) Barely a decade ago, the internet made tremendous advancement by creating a virtual arena, a medium, an ecosystem where a large amount of data can be stored. This aspect of internet service has developed to what is now called, cloud computing. Simply put, cloud computing is the rendering of computing services which include but not limited to data storage, data analytics, and networking, over the internet, based on a pay-per-use basis. Cloud providers are the corporations which render these services and will usually charge for them. They are a lot of cloud providers out there, but when it comes to

Cloud computing is simply the delivery of computing services like storage, servers, databases, software, analytics and more by cloud providers - companies offering these services, for example, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform - over the internet (cloud) on a pay-as-you-go arrangement. You may want to ask, what is cloud computing all about and why is it so popular? Instead of having an in-house data center, companies may want to rent infrastructures and pay on an as -you-use basis. There are great benefits to having a rental could services. Here are few things you need to know about cloud computing: 1) You only pay for