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Introduction Social media enables connection, interactions, sharing and information exchange across the internet. This tool has grown to a big social media marketing platform where businesses can interact with customers and prospective buyers, from sharing products, services to customers feedback, conversation and reaching people world over. Every day you chat, upload pictures, upload videos and upload recent happenings around the world via social media network markeing. But do you know that you could make your business a boom with this same social media? According to research, about 90% of marketers agreed to the fact that social media marketing led to an increased exposure for their businesses.

E-commerce Marketing strategy is employed in promoting online products on E-commerce websites. This branch of digital marketing helps sellers reach more customers online, more than they could reach in the traditional market with the same budget. There are however, strategic ways of achieving effective reach and boosting sales via E-commerce marketing; Search Engine Marketing The first place people turn to for information is the search engine synonymous to Google in most countries except Russia where Yandex is the popular search engine. Ecommerce websites can reach more customers by placing adverts with search engine companies. Whenever a customer's search word(s) coincides with the sellers

Have you ever thought about how 'content marketing' ranks in the digital marketing campaign? Amazingly the core of digital marketing campaign is content marketing! Isn't that awesome? Well, I'm not bent on wasting off your precious time; an in-depth, yet right to the point facts on content marketing and excellent content marketing tips shall be unveiled in this article. For a start, let's understand what content marketing is, and guess what? If this isn't your first read on content marketing, these following points will make you feel in awe. What is Content Marketing? As a professional in your brand, when you create, or you