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Today, there are more tools to build a website even without any knowledge of programming; and this has led to many awesome websites built and also a lot of websites that suck.   With the aid Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, BlogSpot and Wix, a website can be built to function within 30 minutes ― that is not the problem ― using just any template is! Introduction For people who are not too familiar with this niche of technology, a template is the structural build up of a website. It determines what goes where and how. Close your eyes and think of your dream house;

E-commerce Marketing strategy is employed in promoting online products on E-commerce websites. This branch of digital marketing helps sellers reach more customers online, more than they could reach in the traditional market with the same budget. There are however, strategic ways of achieving effective reach and boosting sales via E-commerce marketing; Search Engine Marketing The first place people turn to for information is the search engine synonymous to Google in most countries except Russia where Yandex is the popular search engine. Ecommerce websites can reach more customers by placing adverts with search engine companies. Whenever a customer's search word(s) coincides with the sellers