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How To Choose The Best Website Template For Your Website

Best Website Template

Today, there are more tools to build a website even without any knowledge of programming; and this has led to many awesome websites built and also a lot of websites that suck.  

With the aid Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, BlogSpot and Wix, a website can be built to function within 30 minutes ― that is not the problem ― using just any template is!


For people who are not too familiar with this niche of technology, a template is the structural build up of a website. It determines what goes where and how. Close your eyes and think of your dream house; to build it, you will need the help of an architect to draft a blueprint to your specification ― the blueprint will help the building engineer(s) to plan and build your dreamt house. That is the same thing a template does ― it is your website blueprint.

Why Choose The Right Template For Your Website?

A website is a reflection of who is behind it. The way you present your little online world portrays who you really are in the real world. That is why you need to give your website the best and required look.

Other reasons you need to use the right template for your website include;


  • SEO Ranking


Some website templates do not rank well with some search engines like Google. There was an allegation some time ago that WiX.com templates do not rank well with Google until their technical team responded with some verification emails from Google that they are well ranked. For any platform you may be using, try templates displayed on reliable sites like Template Monster to avoid SEO issues.

  • To Make Visitors Feel At Home
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Your template should not make visitors doubt the site they just opened. They should feel at home! How would you feel if you tried to visit your dentist’s website and the look of the website is like that of a cake website you visited last week?


  • Visitors Comfortability


A website template should be easy to navigate for customers and should not look disorganized. The button to click to order for a product they wish to buy should be close to the product itself.


  • Professionalism


Let your website communicate your business right from the Home Page. If visitors are in a Law Firm website, the home page should display a caption of lawyers in action and not some smiling lady in wig. Who employs a lawyer for a smiling job? We are serious here, so appear serious on your website. In case your job is to make people laugh, you can smile and laugh all you want; it is your profession.


  • To Avoid Appearing Cheap


You must have visited a website that you feel like exiting immediately, not because of the content, but because of its look ― it appears like something designed by a 6-year-old. That is the same way your site would look to visitors if you are using the wrong template. Check online for fitted templates based on your profession or purpose; try template websites like envatomarket.

Tips To Choose The Right Template For Your Website


  • Think Of Why You Want To Build A Website


Knowing the reason you want to build a website will help you to know the major things you will need on your websites. Is it for business? If yes, what kind of business?

An automobile website will be different from a hospital website. To save yourself some stress, check websites like Template Monster and navigate to your field area such as Fashion and Beauty to see various templates that might interest you.


  • Examine The Web Layout
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The template web layout will determine how the information you will be posting will be displayed. Check the Header location and design that fits what you have in mind; the location to place your logo too should be okay and other part of the layout. In all, it must be user friendly.


  • Check The Template Features And Flexibility


The fact that you will be using an easy website builder does not mean there shouldn’t be room for innovation. The template should allow for some customization such as addition of your company name and logo; videos and graphics, etc.

Adding your personal features will differentiate your website even from others using same template ― in case you might need a template that is solely customized for you, check our contact us section to give us a message ― we will design template for you.


  • Examine Template’s Responsiveness


The template you will be using should display well on any device. It must be responsive i.e. able to identify device resolution and screen size to give the best display of your website.


  • Use A Template That Has Customer Support


Many website template developers and sellers now offers a customer support to help users whenever they are experiencing any trouble. Always ensure the template has one. Platforms like envatomarket and Template Monster help sort that out. They always guarantee support for all templates on their website.


  • Choose SEO Friendly Template


The whole point of the website is to get more people to visit. Make sure to check if the template is SEO friendly. However, using an SEO friendly template is just a step ― you will need a good understanding of SEO to make your website rank better on search engines ― better employ the service of an SEO expert to help with that.


  • Consider The Cost
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Before you read on, do not forgo the most suited template to use a lesser one because of cost. Narrow your list of choice to the best two and then choose base on which you can afford.


  • Take Your Time


Before settling for any template after considering all of the above tips, take your time. Relax, give yourself some time to think and research further on your choice.

In Conclusion,

There it is! Choosing the right template for your website is easy if you follow the following tips in addition to some of your intuitive ideas too. A website is a reflection of who is running it; so, choose your template carefully or contact our team for professional guidance and recommendation.

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