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G-Suite For Education:Secured Collaboration Tool Your School Can Trust


If you are a school owner, be it a high school or a university, who wants the best educational environment and learning propaganda for your students and a very good organizational setting for your staff, then you really need to know about G Suite for education. G Suite for Education is a suite of applications which help enhances your innovative mindset, academic mindset, organization, collaboration and above all, the educational standards of your students. Brought into the scene by Google about a decade ago, G suite for education was formerly called Google Apps for Education. G suite for Education is similar to the normal G suite, with both sharing thesame set of Apps. The only difference between both is that G suite for education is designed with new features that are more academically focused which work to make teaching and learning easier.

Who Can Use G Suite for Education?

Not everyone can get direct access to the features of G suite. To use G suite, your organization have to meet this requirement:

  • Must be a K-12, high school, or tertiary educational institution, nonprofit which has received accreditation by a generally accepted accreditation body.

Why G Suite for Education?

G suite for education, apart from being an extraordinarily useful educational tool, is also free to use, easy to use, highly reliable and well secured. In addition, G suite for education can be accessed on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Features of G Suite for Education

Just like the conventional G suite, G suite for education also consists of a variety of applications. These applications are in so many ways similar to those featured in G suite. Some of them include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar.


  • Gmail: With its initial launch in 2004 and currently one of the best email platforms for clients, Gmail is an email platform which is web-based, free to use and well secured. Additionally, in G suite for education, Gmail is free from those annoying banner ads.


  • Google Classroom: Google Classroom is one of those special applications which have been added to G suite for education that distinguishes it from the conventional G suite. It is free to use and specifically designed to aid students and teachers to better communicate, collaborate, organize and manage class meetings and schedules. It also allows for excellent feedback and has a lot of classroom resources.


  • Google Drive: Google Drive provides you with unlimited storage to securely store your files, documents and data, from which they can be accessed from any device.


  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar allows you perfectly keep track of your schedule. Google Calendar is free to use and is also ad-free. Google Calendar help teachers keep track of their class schedules and help school owners keep track of their schedules with their staff.


  • Google Vault: Google Vault is an application which works more like Google Drive. With Google Vault, you can store and both export your school’s mail and chat messages from Gmail and also, you can export your school’s file in Google Drive.


  • Google Docs: Google Docs works just like Microsoft Word. Google Docs, just like Microsoft word, is a word processing tool which lets you create documents and edit them, either offline or online. An interesting feature of Google Docs in G suite for education is the Explore feature. The Explore feature in Google Docs comes with machine intelligence which will automatically give recommendations for more contents to discover and images to insert, including other topics to learn about.


  • Google Sheets: Google Sheets is a spreadsheet tool which makes it possible for you to create and edit spreadsheets and if your school is that which needs data analysis, then Google spreadsheet will be extremely useful. The Explore feature is also available in the Google Sheets App of G suite for Education. The Explore feature helps summarize spreadsheet data with automated charts and also gives you insights for this data.


  • Google Forms: Google Forms is an online form with which you can create forms for various purposes.


  • Google Slides: Google Slides is a presentation tool with which you can create and edit presentations online. The Explore feature is also present in Google slides. Explore in Google Slides provides layout suggestions that will bring out the beauty in a slide. With the Explore feature, in just few clicks, students can be able to create beautiful presentations that show the sparkle in each content.


  • Google Sites: Google Site is a web-based tool with which you can easily create and share websites. Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share websites and web pages.


  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a web-based tool which can be used for video calling and chatting.


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G Suite for Education is Google’s reply to all organizational and academic problem faced by your school. If you are a school owner, this tool is really indispensable.

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