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October 2018

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Today, there are more tools to build a website even without any knowledge of programming; and this has led to many awesome websites built and also a lot of websites that suck.   With the aid Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, BlogSpot and Wix, a website can be built to function within 30 minutes ― that is not the problem ― using just any template is! Introduction For people who are not too familiar with this niche of technology, a template is the structural build up of a website. It determines what goes where and how. Close your eyes and think of your dream house;

Overview If you are a school owner, be it a high school or a university, who wants the best educational environment and learning propaganda for your students and a very good organizational setting for your staff, then you really need to know about G Suite for education. G Suite for Education is a suite of applications which help enhances your innovative mindset, academic mindset, organization, collaboration and above all, the educational standards of your students. Brought into the scene by Google about a decade ago, G suite for education was formerly called Google Apps for Education. G suite for Education is similar to