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How to Successfully Use Email Marketing Software Tools Like A Pro

In our last post on How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Business and Budget we introduce and describe the different email marketing tools in detail. In this article, we will be discussing how you can effectively use this astounding software for promoting your business.


Types of Email Marketing

There are different types of email marketing based on your intention of sending. The best way to get the most out of these campaigns is to understand the psyche of the receivers; and that is what we will be exploring in this series.

To use Email Marketing Software Tools (either free or paid) like a professional, you need to:


The three major reasons we send emails to customers or prospects are;

  • To Inform Emails sent to inform displays our knowledge of a particular subject, presenting us as a professional who can be trusted and considered an authority. Take for example, if you subscribe to our newsletter (wish we advise you to do) and we send you constant update on latest trends in digital marketing, it presents us as an authority with experience and a good understanding of the discussed topic. You will be able to quote us saying “according to an email sent by TechStack, there are about 3.8 billion people using email.
  • Connect With Customers: This kind of email helps your company bond with customers on a level superior to ‘just business relationship’. It makes them feel like a family and not a customer. They include emails wishing a customer Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and even a Happy New Week message. It makes them feel like you have them in mind. It will surprise you that the only happy birthday message some customers may receive could be the one you sent. This email is very important because it improves customers trust and loyalty.
  • To Sell: Of course, this is the email we all know, it informs customers and prospects of your company’s new products or tries to sell them some of your products. It also updates them of their latest purchase success, just like the mail you may receive after purchasing a flight ticket.

Note: It is very important to blend the three types of emails based on reason to get the best from using email marketing to promote your business.


There are basically three types of email marketing;

  • Promotional Emails

These serve the purpose of introducing your company, products/services and brand to prospects. It highlights the benefits of purchasing and why choose you above others. Some promotional emails to increase your sales and promote your brand are;

  • Discount Email
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You can use promotional email to tell customers about a discount you are offering. Such as an email from Jumia announcing their Black Friday Sales.

  • Featured Products

This is used to remind customers of a product still in stock or just back in stock.

  • Announcement Email

As the name sounds, it is used to announce the latest arrival in your stock. It introduces customers to new products highlighting its compelling features.

  • Relational Emails

Relational email improves your relationship with customers. It makes you keep in touch. It includes emails sent to inform such as newsletters. You can also use it to send emails announcing the winner of a gift you promise your customer.  It can also be used to send emails congratulating your customers.

  • Transactional Emails

This includes;

  • Subscriber signup confirmation
  • Welcome messages
  • Purchase confirmation
  • Customers data/information changes notification such as the one you receive whenever you change an account password or forget password
  • Notifies customers of timely transaction summary e.g. the summary of your monthly account transaction sent to you by your bank.


Whenever you press the ‘send button’ you cannot determine what users will do with your campaign, but you can at least influence it. And that is what this section will reveal.

  • Build Subscribers List

The more subscribers you have, the more people you will be able to pitch to. Do not buy email lists, rather, use other means like creating freebies on your company’s website which will require subscribers to enter the email before they can participate in the raffle.

  • Personalize Your Email

Call customers by their name in your campaign. It catches attention more than a random email. They receive different emails, especially unsolicited emails. Calling them by their name makes your email stands out.

  • Use Logo

The heading of your email template should be your logo. It immediately communicates the sender of the email and at the same time promotes your logo. Customers will be able to recall your company’s name next time they see the logo, if they have not seen it before. Check the email software tool logo specification before uploading to prevent having a rejected logo or distorted email campaign template. Also, make sure you have the logo at the same place (at the heading) in all subsequent emails you send.  

  • Catchy Email Subject
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Your email subject is the first thing readers see and it will determine if they will open it or not. It must be catchy ― use two different subjects and send to a section of your contact list and see the one with the highest open rate before you then send to your whole contacts. Email subjects using figures, how who and when are always are great for creating catchy subjects. There are promotional emails I have been observing for a while now in my inbox; so far, the company I prefer their email marketing strategy is My Investopedia, a business website. Let us analyze these subject lines;

My Investopedia

13 Steps to closing a real estate deal

Analysis: If you are interested in real estate, you will likely open this mail. It is an awesome subject, using the figure technique.


Miss these Rasheed? The Best Books

Analysis: It sounds personal by addressing the recipient by name. It is good but not really catchy. It would have been better if it is Miss these Rasheed? See Our Top5 Best Books.


How To build a great FAQ page

Analysis: It invites the reader to learn something new. That is another awesome email subject.

University of People

Who is Behind University of People?

Analysis: Everybody likes to know a secret. This subject triggers the ‘tell me the secret emotion’. It is irresistible, readers are more likely to open such mail.


The Undiscovered Continent: AccorHotels launches MyChicAfrica…

Analysis: The kicker ‘the undiscovered continent’ is captivating, which make the subject line okay.

Africa: Merck Foundation to organize Merck Health Media Training to Break the Stigma around Infertility in Senegal and the rest of Africa

Analysis: This is intentionally analyzed because most of APO-Group’s subject line is not captivating. You will agree if you usually receive emails from this group. How many have you opened this week? A subject like this should be avoided. It will have been okay if it is Breaking Infertility Stigma: Merck Foundation to organize Merck Health Media Training to Break the Stigma around Infertility in Senegal and the rest of Africa

  • Headline Is Important

Catching subject line is great ― captivating headline too is important. When your email subject attracts readers enough to open, it is the headline that will captivate them to read on and take the action you want them to. Stephan Tornquist, the MarketingSherpa’s Metrics Editor noted that “The average English reader takes 20 seconds to scan 50 words on a Web page,” this is a reason for you to capture recipients’ attention with your headline. They open a lot of emails and they spend on average 15-20 seconds on each email they open, according to Loren McDonald, EmailLabs VP Marketing.

  • Brief Content
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Let the text body be as terse as possible. No matter how captivating your content may be, if it is too long, readers will surely get bored ― they have other things to do for the day.

  • Use a Call to Action

Ask customers to click on a link that leads to a landing page on your site to see other things you have to offer. Irrespective of the purpose of your email, ensure you include a call to action that will make them do what you want ― what is the purpose of the email then?

  • Simple Layout Design

Evaluate your customers’ data to know the kind of website they love to visit. Older men who are literate love a clean looking website like Google while 30+ women will prefer sites like MSN with a lot of information. Consider this in designing your email layout. They tend to read through a layout they are well familiar with. Divide your email lists into different segments and use different styles for each ― do not generalize.

  • Multiple Hotlinks

This is a support for your call to action. Create more than one hotlinks leading to the same landing page. You can have one the top, another in the text and one at the bottom. Even if the customer did not click the link at the top, he/she would do so at the middle or bottom.  

  • Navigation Links at The Bottom

Navigation links like ‘about us’, ‘contact us’ etc should be placed at the bottom of the email. The email marketing software tools will help in these arrangements thou.


There is no magic in successful email marketing, it requires testing and testing. Always examine the technique working best for you. If you need a unique template for your email marketing, contact us for your choice template. Our digital marketing team are also ready to help you increase your sales exponentially, contact us today for a consultation and satisfying services.

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