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Digital Marketing Techniques for Political Campaign

The cost of running a front-page advert in a national newspaper is nothing less than #200,000 and also the cost of running a campaign advert on either radio or television is not cheap as well. Politics is money! And most of the time, winning an election is not how much you have to spend but how wise and strategic you are in spending.

The #NotTooYoungtoRun bill which was passed not quite long raised some concern that, even though youths manage to pay for nomination forms, many of them do not have enough financial backup that will help fund their campaign ― maybe because they do not know the power of digital marketing and how cost effective it could be.

With the advent of digital marketing, anybody can now campaign like any rich aspirant could do. An aspirant who is ready to gain more voters to his/her side too needs to start considering the use of digital marketing.

Before exploring the different techniques of digital marketing any politician could use for the political campaign, let us quickly analyse some advantages of its use.

Advantages of Digital Marketing in Political Campaign

  • Cheap and Cost Effective

Traditional adverts aside being expensive ― they are outdated. How many people read their news from newspapers compare to the number of people reading from their gadgets? Digital marketing helps you get your supporters where they are most likely to be ― on social media and their phones.

  • Argumentum Ad Populum

In philosophy, argumentum ad populum is the belief of some people that if many people are talking about something, then such a thing must be really important. It is often concisely encapsulated as: “If many believe so, it is so.” It is easy to create a trending content online that a lot of people could buy into to boost your popularity and relevance overnight.

  • Instant Analytics

Digital marketing has different tools that help you to analyse how good your campaign is doing, unlike traditional advert which has no means of performance measurement whatsoever.

  • Real-Time Feedback
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Potential voters’ discontents will reach you on-time when you use digital marketing and it also allows instant response saving you the time interval which can cost you a voter or more.

  • Everybody is Accessible

Yes! Almost everybody can be reached with the use of digital marketing. All around tour is not needed although it is important, before people start to know of your ambition ― your name would have been registered on their minds even before they see or know you.  

  • It Is Never Too Late

Digital marketing can be used to turn the tide of an election in your favor even in few days to the election. With digital marketing, it is never too late to start campaigning, although earlier is better.

Digital Marketing Techniques for Political Campaign

Twenty-first century politicians who truly mean business should hire the service of a political marketer (contact us for one) who will organize a team consisting of graphic designers, website designers, public relation officers, digital marketer and other supporting team members such as bloggers.

Below are digital marketing techniques to make your political campaign effective;

  • Domain Name

For any aspirant who is willing to take advantage of the astonishing opportunities digital marketing has to offer, the first thing to do is to buy a domain name for his/her campaign. Let the name be same with the name you are popular with or wish to be known such as www.samboadeola.com or www.gtfcampaign.com.

One Trick: Buy as much as possible domain names to redirect to your website, especially a name belonging to your opponent before they wake up to do so. Donald Trump for example used his opponent’s name www.jebbush.com and redirected it to his own campaign website www.donaldjtrump.com.

  • Website

Your website template should be user-friendly so that visitors can be able to navigate easily.

  • Contents

Add contents that promote your political ambition and if possible, some contents that devalue your opponents ― nothing storms the online media as such. Political campaign main goal is to present yourself as the best and your opponent as inferior,

  • Videos
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Create videos that will trend easily on social media either analyzing your political agenda or condemning your opponent ― in an evaluative manner thou ― do not be a bulldog that barks at everybody.

  • Biography

Let your website contain your biography and some of your stories that inspired you to vie for the post you are campaigning to change things for better.

  • Agenda

Your website should also contain your political agenda with reasons and urgency fr the need of each.

  • Manifesto

Do not wait till the night of political debate before people know what you stand for. Let it be on your website!

  • Social Media Marketing

The most visited place by most internet users is unarguably the social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. are many mobile users second room.

  • Killer Cartoon

For your political campaign, create cartoons to depict your agenda. Let it be both humorous and serious ― create a balance. Cartoon cost the expense of hiring celebrities and venue.

  • Social Media Account

Create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Channel for your campaign. Your twitter account should be well used ― it pools more crowd when it comes to politics.

  • Banner Promotion

Promote your campaign banner using Facebook or Twitter Ad. Read our post on Step by Step Guide to Free Facebook Page Promotion. You can manage up to three different social media accounts at once using software tools like hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com).

  • Email Marketing

Get potential voters email address list and forward them your campaign agenda and solicit their support. In order not to appear pathetic, you should send them newsletters on the various updates of election process chipping in your ambition at the end. Attaching your poster too is a good idea.

  • Blogging

Rank high on Google and other search engines by getting featured on various websites and blogs.

  • Sponsored Contents

Get interviewed by popular blog sites and websites especially those that operate a print media to increase your visibility and relevance.

  • Impression Adverts
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Place adverts on websites voters are most likely to visit. It may not necessarily mean a website with high traffic ― what is the use of the traffic if none of your voters get to see it.

  • Mobile Marketing

This is the platform we nicknamed “digital marketing for all.” All voters provided they have a mobile phone ― even the old mamas and babas ― can be reached via this platform.

  • Important Reminder

Use bulk SMS package to send important information to voters such as a reminder to go and collect their PVC using your campaign name as the Sender ID.

  • Political Campaign

Remind people of your political agenda and the need to vote for you to ensure things improve for the better.

Caveat: You must be very cautious in using this platform so as not to violate mobile users’ privacy.


Combining digital marketing with traditional marketing platform for your political campaign is a good choice if you can afford it. According to a Forbes article on Obama campaign “Digital was a huge factor, but not a huge cost. While the campaign ambitiously used email and digital channels to drive fundraising and issue awareness, the cost was a fraction of TV. They started more heavily in TV, but noted that digital got more attention the more they could measure results, while the cost remained far lower than buying spots throughout campaign season.”

For effective political marketing for your campaign that fits your budget, it is advisable to get a professional political marketer (contact us for one) to help you manage your campaign ― increasing your chance of winning the election. Digital marketing level up your game to the stage of a competitor from the level of an aspirant.

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