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Step by Step Guide to Free Facebook Page Promotion

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in most countries especially in Africa with more than 2.2 billion active monthly users. The probability that an internet user does not have a Facebook account is very slim. This is the major reason every business owners need to take advantage of this platform.

There is a high likelihood that you reading this have liked at least a page on Facebook. A Facebook Page is a subsidiary account user can create to promote a particular purpose especially business products/services without interfering with their private account.

News website pages you might have clicked like to stay updated of the latest news in your geographical location is doing nothing but to promote the news medium. It is time for you too to take advantage of this platform and cease to be an onlooker.

You don’t need to worry about your targeted audience preferred language because Facebook is a multilingual platform.

How To Start A Facebook Page For Your Business

Starting a Facebook Page for your business is not rocket science. In fact, it can be done by any literate. You just need to follow certain prompts. It is however assumed you already have a Facebook account — it is mandatory.

There are two ways of creating a Facebook Page;

  1. Using Facebook Mobile App
  2. Through your browser

Using Facebook App

  1. Launch your Facebook Mobile App
  2. Click on the last icon to your right at the top.
  3. Scroll down to pages section
  4. Select create page
  5. Fill in your page name (it is advisable to use a name your business is popular with) such as TechStack.
  6. From this stage, read on and fill in your page’s info.

Through Your Browser

  1. Enter facebook.com into your browser.
  2. Click menu icon at the top of the opened page.
  3. Scroll down to the more option section
  4. Select pages
  5. Click on the create page
  6. Fill the name and category of your page
  7. Continue filling the required info for your page as you are being prompted.


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Need To Know

About Page

This is a description of what your page is about. It gives people reasons to like your page.

Uploading Picture

Picture, they say, worth more than a thousand words. Pictures you use on your page speak volumes about your page. There are two major pictures you will need to upload:

  1. Cover picture
  2. Profile picture

Specification for the cover picture

The cover picture is the first picture you will see when you open a business page. It is expected to be 828 x 315 pixel. Make sure it describes your business. Something like a picture of your office showing your employees at work is great.

Specification for Profile Picture

The profile picture is like a URL image for your page. Whenever you enter your page link into an application like WhatsApp to share with a group, the picture that will be beside the popped-up link description is the profile picture. Picture of your business logo is appropriate to use. It is expected to be 170 x 170 pixel.

Getting Likes On Your Page At No Cost

The number of likes your page has is a determinant of how many people are likely to see your posts. The following tricks can help you grow your likes:

  1. Invite friends to like your page.
  2. Frequent post update.
  3. Rich content i.e. post things that will benefit people.
  4. Reply to people’s comment.
  5. Endeavor to always respond to messages on time. It improves your page review.
  6. Share your post and link on other social media platforms like WhatsApp Status and Groups.

Posting Products/Services To Your Page

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There are two ways of posting your business products/services to the Facebook page;

  1. Using the normal posting method
  2. Posting using the shop feature

Using The Normal Posting Method

  1. Click on the post icon on your page
  2. Select camera icon in case you will be uploading a picture
  3. After selecting and typing your description, select publish
  • You can however schedule your post too. Just select the publish now option to set the date and time you will like to publish.

Posting Using The Shop Feature

  1. Open your page.
  2. Select the edit page icon
  3. Click on change template
  4. Select the Shopping template.

Note: This feature is easily accessible via the Facebook App. You can also download Facebook Page Manager to easily manage your business page.


The use of Facebook Page to promote your business makes all the time spent on this social media platform worthy. Getting more likes and ensuring your business page promotes your business and not the other way round requires some tactics which can only be learned from practice. That is why it is advisable to employ the service of a digital marketer.

Stay tuned for our next post on the effective use of mobile marketing

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