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Google G-Suite:Secured Cloud Intranet Solution for seamless collaboration


Searching for a one-stop user friendly solution to all your online needs as far as email, cloud computing, file hosting, calenders, video calls or collaborations are concerned? Are you the director of a company looking for a more efficient way to collaborate with your employees? Then you need to know of this amazing all-in-one online service, Googles own reply to a host of management and productivity difficulties faced by most businesses and organization, G suite!

What is G Suite?

G suite, formerly called Google Apps, is a suite of applications which was developed by Google. First launched in August 28, 2006, G suite aims to provide a host of computing, hosting, collaboration and productivity services which include but not limited to email, cloud storage, business management, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and video calls. Some of the G suite applications and features which you might be used to include Google Docs, Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Hangouts, Sheets, Google Drive and a host of others. While some of these G suite applications are free to use, if you really want to enjoy the features of G suite at its fullest, you have to opt in for one of the G suite plans. These plans offer users enterprise features such as email accounts with your own custom domain(such as email@mydomain.com), unlimited cloud storage, 24/7 customer support and other advanced tools.

G Suite Applications

As earlier stated, G suite is a suite of applications. These various applications will now be discussed below.

  • Gmail: First launched in 2004, Gmail has grown to become one of the most widely used emailing app in the world. According to a statement released by Litmus,  Gmail holds as much as 26% of open based rate market share. Today, Gmail has over a billion users. A special feature of having a G suite Gmail account is that you can create an email address with a custom domain. That is, instead of the normal myemail@gmail.com, you get to have something like myemail@mydomain.com. This is important especially to companies, organizations and businessmen who want to go profess with a custom email.


  • Google Calender: You might be wondering, why on earth will I need a calendar for my business? Well,  if you are like me, and you always have a busy schedule, calling clients, keeping clients updated with recent work as well as assigning jobs to your various team members, then you need Google Calender. Google Calender is a sure aid in keeping track with your schedule. An important feature of this application is that you can create events within a calendar or multiple calendars and share them in such a way that they become accessible to every member of your organization. With this, you can get to create reminders,  group meetings and other management features.
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides: Google’s prototype of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are collaborative tools with which any user can edit and create word documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides. An amazing feature of these apps is that they allow you keep track of the changes to your documents, spreadsheets or slides, as the case may be,  through real-time commenting. You can also share documents, spreadsheets and slides among your team members.


  • Google Drive: Google Drive is one of the major offerings of G suite. That is, you can’t mention three G suite products without mentioning Google Drive. Google Drive provides a well secured cloud platform for storage and sharing of files. Since these files are stored in a cloud, you can get access to them from any device. The G suite basic plan, which costs $5 offers you 30GB of storage. But with the Business and Enterprise plans, which costs starts at a minimum of $10, you can get unlimited storage for your files, including 24/7 customer support service.


  • Google Hangouts: This is one tool you probably must have heard of but have no idea what is used for. According to Inmotion Hosting Blog, “hangouts falls into that category of tools that most people do not realize they need until they get used to having it”. Well,  if you’ve been using Skype before now, Google Hangouts isn’t very much different from Skype. With Google Hangouts, you can chat and make video calls with your clients in a way that is very engaging. An amazing feature of Google Hangouts is that you can invite up to twenty five people to participate in a video call. If you run an organization which requires working with a group of individuals, then Google Hangouts is a very important tool for you. More importantly, you can even organise video conferencing for your team members and clients.


  • Google Forms: Google forms, as the name implies, is for creating forms online. If you  own an organization, you can use Google forms to create forms for contact information, employee details and client details.

Other important G suite products include: Google Keep, G Suite Admin Console and Google Hangouts Meet.

Benefits of G suite

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The following benefits of G suite makes it stand out from its competition.

  • Ease of Use and Familiarity: One major benefit of G suite is that it is very easy to use and familiar with the general public. Hence, it will not be difficult for your employees to get accustomed to G suite products. This is unlike other products like Zoho and Office 365.


  • Affordability: For just 5$, you can get access to a host of Guite services.


  • Security: When it comes to security, G Suite is one platform where you’ll host your files and won’t have to bother about losing them. Being built on Google’s Cloud platform, G suite renders one of the best security out there. In fact, one of the major aims of Google is to provide maximum security for its users.

If you are an organization, company or a business man who wants a better way to organize and manage your enterprise, you probably, by now, should know how indispensable G suite will be to your business. Being affordable, easy to use and incredibly efficient, G suite is your one-stop solution to all your business needs.

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