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Mobile Marketing: The Best Leverage For Your Business Marketing

Before You Read On

How many times have you received a text on your phone informing you of a product/service? More than you could remember for sure. That is why you need to pay attention as you read on to learn the secret and opportunities mobile marketing can offer your business.


Mobile in technology usually refers to Mobile Devices such as smartphones or tablet computer. Mobile devices now allow us to do a lot of things which could only be possible on a computer before. The major reason for the rise in the use of mobile devices is because it allows users to communicate with others anywhere through call and text messages.

Mobile marketing takes advantage of this large customer base to promote business products/services. Karjaluto Heikki and Leppniemi Matti authors of “Factors influencing consumers’ willingness to accept mobile advertising: a conceptual model” defines mobile marketing as a multi-channel online technique focused at reaching a specific audience on their smart phones, tablets, or any other related devices through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media or mobile applications.

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A research conducted by eMarketers in 2016 revealed that people spend an average of 10 hours per day on mobile devices ― that is about 12 days per month. Short Message Service (SMS) which is the most common type of mobile marketing has also been discovered to have higher open rate of about 98%, which makes every penny spent on marketing justifiable.

Mobile Marketing Channels are divided into five by Techopedia;

  • GPS Messaging: This is transmitted based on business proximity to user local area. It is usually used by marketers to inform users the location of their nearest store.
  • Location-based service: The advert users see is dependent of their location. This channel technology is well-used by advert publishing companies like Google Ads.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): The product and business data are integrated with live video such as short videos or animation promoted on mobile devices applications and websites.
  • 2-D Barcodes: It allows mobile users to quickly visit your website address by scanning a 2D image using their phone camera. Visiting the website enables these users to learn more about your products.
  • Others: Including websites designed for mobile devices and Bluetooth hotspot systems.

Yes! I know that was a lot of jargon, so, let us move on to the popular types of mobile marketing you could use for promotion;

SMS Marketing

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This is the most popular and most used type of mobile marketing. It has been reported that there are over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers worldwide in 2017, that is close to 66% of the world population. Also, there are five major components of SMS Marketing:

  • Sender ID: This is the name or number receivers will see as who sent the message. You know when you receive a message from one of your contact, your phone will display the name of the sender ― that is an example of sender ID.
  • Message Size: This is the number of your message characters. Standard message is 160 characters (including punctuations and spaces). Understanding this enables you to know how to calculate your campaign cost.
  • Content Structure: This is the tone of your text. The purpose of your campaign will however determine this. A Sales Text will be different from a Reminder Text. You can also decide to include pictures, emojis and special character in your campaign text but you need to consider the fact that some users’ mobile might be unable to display your attached emojis especially.
  • Spam Compliance: These are set of rules protecting customers privacy you must observe to avoid any penalty. It offers users an opt-out option that stops them from receiving your text campaigns henceforth.
  • SMS Providers: They serve like intermediaries between you and prospects. In a country like Nigeria with more than 163 million mobile users, there are about four SMS Service Providers.

In-App Mobile Marketing

These are adverts displayed/embedded in mobile applications especially games. Take your time to read the prompt when next you are about to download an app from Google Play Store. Applications you see in-app advertisements contains products to be displayed. The advertised products pop-up while users are enjoying the application. It is a great means of drawing users’ attention to your company’s product.

Make your business or products visible to your local consumers

This is when you make your products or services available or accessible to mobile users. Modern smartphones are equipped with state of the art technology that can easily suggest or access products and services base on interest, locations, searches, and some other parameters suggesting to them on the go. Most times they are usually ready to bring out cash and transact business immediately.

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If you have businesses that are running locally and want to improve on how people find you online, it’s better to tap into the potentials of local and mobile search results.

A lot of people are searching to buy your products or do business with you one way or the other. The future of digital marketing is going mobile because smartphone users are on the rise. You are losing a lot of money by not harnessing the potentials of local and mobile search results


Even if you want your brand to be known nationally and globally, it is advisable to first win your immediate local consumers, then you can now make your business known globally. You start small and grow big.

Our target as always is to help small-scale business progress to medium and possibly become big business

Businesses can take advantage of search result visibly, phone books, create ads that can target local customers in your area. Those that can easily come to your shop or offer delivery services to them.

People do a lot of searches which can suggest your business within your locality. They can see your address and locate your businesses in the result

Imagine someone looking to buy a specific product at your location, they are usually ready to bring out their wallets and pay for your products or services. From their search result, because they are searching for your product and your location is closer, search engines will suggest and include your business location in their search results. Also with technologies like GPS, your shop location and address can pop up once they are close to your address and products offer can also be displayed.

Take advantage of local paid ads
With the internet everywhere and modern mobile phones equipped with latest technologies have made it very easy to surf the internet and get local results.

So if you have already optimized your businesses and products for local search, you can take it further by harnessing statistics available, Locations where you have high search volume, you can place local ads like banners, flyers, billboards. It’s very likely that users are familiar with your product or services and are searching for your products and services now and are ready to pay.

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With paid adverts, you can reach your business goals even more faster. Organic search might take a while but paid ads will put your business right at the center of your potential customers.

With paid ads, you can select your audience, time and geographical locations.

QR Code

This is an emerging mobile marketing medium which allows users to scan a 2D Barcode with their phone camera; allowing prompt to launch the company’s website in the mobile browser for the user to read and know more about the company without the need to know or memorize any URL or website address.

How To Start A Mobile Marketing For Your Company

Now that you have known much about mobile marketing just like an expert, these steps will help you to start using this great medium to promote your company;

  1. Identify the best type of mobile marketing you can use to get to your audience. For example, if you are selling professional textbooks, it is advisable to use SMS marketing and not In-App Mobile Marketing because most academicians are likely to read their text message than use an app.
  2. Examine your budget before starting. Cost of running SMS Marketing is cheaper than that of In-App and QR Code Marketing.
  3. Contact the service provider to enquire basic requirements to use their service.
  4. Design a high-resolution picture for your promotion. It is advisable to employ the service of a graphic designer for this. Also, make sure you get the specification of the platform you intended to use.


The benefit of mobile marketing is limitless when strategically utilized. It requires you to always put yourself in the shoes of prospects, analyze things you would detest and try to avoid such in your mobile marketing.

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