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New technologies to look out for in 2018

The advent of technology has made the world a better place. In 2017, various surprises and innovations filled our tech spaces, and there is no sign this is coming to an end anytime soon. Technology revolution keeps moving in a fast pace and changing with time. It has shaped the way we work, lives, and our existence as a whole. The evolution of technology in recent years recently has made us compiled  a list of the best 7 technologies trends to look out for in 2018 below:

Clearer and Bigger TVs

Different television features popping up daily which has made existing 4K sized TV going obsoletes in our marketplace. Manufacturers are forging ahead with an alternative solution towards the best of resolution for TVs. For example LG, Samsung and Sony has went on in producing a robust innovation for 8K TVs. LG unveiled its 33 million pixels‘88-inch 8K OLED TV’. There is another feature of ‘65-inch TV’ in size.

Some TV has 4K resolution features and may be tuned as we want and also carry it along in a box, making it a dynamic TV. Moreover, Samsung TV unveiled the first standardized TV called “The Wall”. The wall TV is a 146-inch Television which can be reshaped to various sizes as needed by the user. These kind of features are what to look out for in 2018.

Wireless Charging Device

Looking at our world now, we know is not the first time wireless charging has been used to charge devices. However, the trend is definitely going to be ubiquitous with most devices this year. Wireless charging always works by placing the Smartphone on a Qi-compatible charging mat. The mat will be plugged into a wire from an outlet to supply power.

Moreover, the year 2018 may also see over-the-air wireless charging. This may work by delivering power to the devices over the air. Power is often transferred to devices that is a minimum of 2 or additional feet away and may reach up to eighty feet. Over-the-air wireless charging can be used for charging devices like Smartphones, good speakers, good watches and wireless keyboards.

Augmented Reality Over Virtual Reality

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Prior to now, we’ve seen Virtual Reality (VR) being one of the foremost trending technologies of the previous year. Video game headsets facilitate America immerse into a 3D setting that doesn’t extremely exist. But 2018 years appears like the year of Augmented Reality (AR).  The complete idea of AR revolves around delivering great experiences without isolating yourself from the world.

Augmented Reality shows a much better version of virtual world by overlaying virtual information on its top. Using computer-generated pictures over the user’s real-world read to reinforce everything the user feels, sees and hears, is what virtual reality is all about. Organizations like Kinmo, Kodak, Carl Zeiss, Sony and even Netflix are introducing AR to the technology market this year.

All-in-one Voice Assistants

Voice management goes to dominate 2018. Voice assistants conform with the method we have as regard tendency of relating with computers. Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa have already created their place by doing things that ar asked of them.

Things like enjoying the music, obtaining updates on the weather, and suggesting places close to your current location are things we have been enjoying.

But voice assistants in 2018 are ready to do quite simply some of your basic commands. For example, information concerning your daily schedule, preparation recipes and alternative commands for your voice assistant to hold out are value-added. To boot, not simply smartphones and speakers, these assistants also will be integrated within televisions, headphones and even cars.

Radical tiny Laptops

Technology evolved from desktops to laptops and now to smartphones, as if that wasn’t enough, ultra-tiny laptops are here to stay too. Recently, Acer unveiled their portable computer, the Acer swift version 7. The portable computer is as tiny as 8.9mm and has intrinsic fingerprint sensing element. Likewise, even hollow launched its recreate of the hollow XPS 13 portable computer that is as tinny as 11.66 mm. This makes it pretty evident that the coming laptops for this year will all vie for the tiniest position within themselves

Dueling Neural Networks

In terms of identifying things; Artificial intelligence is great at it. For instance, show it 1,000,000 footages, and it will tell you with immediate accuracy which of them depicts a zebra crossing on a street. However AI is not superb at generating pictures.  There will be a malfunction if it decides to produce one.

However, artificial footage representation process in pedestrians has varied settings such that a self-driving automotive might use it to guide itself without going out on the road.

These are what to look out for in Dueling Neural Networks

  • Advancement: one or more Artificial intelligent systems intermix with each other to develop an ultra-realistic real sound, this is what machines lacked till date.
  • Why It Important: Giving machines something similar to a sensory cell might enable them to be at par with humans sensory system but will turn the machines to a more robust powerful tool for digital technology.
  • Main influencer: Deep Mind, Google Brain, Nvidia
  • Availability: Immediately.

5G preparation

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Though tech timelines rarely play out the way we think, it’s possible that we could have a 5G network in place by ending of 2018. 5G networks have the potential to be almost 10 times faster than 4G, making it even better than most home internet services.

Furthermore, 5G is capable of changing the way we make use of internet as a people, and how developers create their apps.  


The role of technology can never be over-stretched, its part and parcel of our modern life. As such, the evolution of technology is here to stay. The aforementioned list has shown us the groundbreaking technology to look out for anytime in 2018.

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