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Affiliate Marketing: What You Should Know To Make Money

If you are well oriented with the internet, you most probably should know, Clickbank, eBay on and the big guy, Amazon. Well, if you don’t know them yet, these are e-commerce platforms where products can be purchased. Every day, thousands of people use these e-commerce platforms to get what they need and even interestingly, these products can be delivered to their doorsteps if they want. Yeah! No need to go to the local market anymore. But even as products are purchased daily from these online platforms, there are smart guys out there who utilize these e-commerce platforms and make cool money from them. This isn’t a fairy tale! It is simply affiliate marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Wikipedia.com defines affiliate marketing as “a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a marketing system in which an individual or group called the “affiliate” choose to market a particular product which is produced by another individual or group, called the “merchant” in exchange for a commission. So in the affiliate marketing world, there are three major parties, those marketing the products (the affiliates), those the products are being marketed to (the customers) and the third party, which are the manufacturers of the products.

Getting Started: How do You Become an Affiliate
So there isn’t very much nitty gritty to becoming an affiliate. First, you need to find an affiliate program. Then you choose the product you want to market. Most merchants will give you an affiliate code with which you will be able to refer potential customers to their site. Some will prefer to give you text links, banners and other forms of copies to grab the readers’ attention.

You use all these means to get customers to go to your merchant’s site. Once they click on your link or banner, they get directed to the merchant site. Follow these steps and voila, you are an affiliate. Looks simple right? But then why do a lot of people fail at affiliate marketing? Why do people get it wrong and fail to see the promising part of affiliate marketing?

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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make as an Affiliate
So if you are quite serious about affiliate marketing, you should avoid these mistakes.

  • The “Get Rich Quick” Mindset: This is the very first mistake new affiliates make, me inclusive. Yes! I made this mistake too. The fact that its affiliate marketing, and it’s going to bring in some money, doesn’t mean it’s going to turn you to a million dollar holder overnight. You’ve got to calm down and take things steady. Imagine trying to market a product and just giving your readers a little information about the product, after which you head straight to telling them to buy. No pros, no cons, just some information and a big “BUY NOW” at the end of your write-up. And you’ll just head straight to your bed thinking the next morning, some cash would have flowed into your account. Of course, things are never going to work that way. You know why? Because that’s the get rich quick scheme. And if you don’t change that mindset first, things might not really go well.
  • Being Authoritative Rather than Persuasive: So another horrible mistake new affiliates make is being authoritative rather than persuasive. When luring individuals to buy a product, you don’t just go straight to tell them, “if you don’t buy this product, you will never get that nice skin you want”. Looks funny, but yes, I have seen this before. You have to know that for every product you try to advertise, there are probably thousands of products which can be much better. So please try to be as convincing as possible. Customers aren’t fools. Use life examples to show them why they need to purchase your products.
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  • Joining Many Affiliate Programs: Variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, you should be careful about that statement. One common mistake new affiliates make is jumping into so many affiliate programs with the intention that the more in number, the better. This is a big irony. Because in truth, the more affiliate programs you join, the more distracted and less focused you become about the products you are marketing.


  • Marketing Products You Know Nothing About: This is one mistake I also made. Please when choosing a product to market, you should market products which you know well about, even better, the products you’ve used before. This way, you find it easier to convince your customers to your merchant’s site.

Tools You Need to Kick-start Your Affiliate Marketing Career
To get the best out of your affiliate marketing career, you should utilize these two tools:

  • Email Lists: One wonderful way to get your affiliate marketing career up and running is utilizing the power of email lists. With email lists, you can always interact with your readers and always get them involved with your products. A very good tool to use for your email lists is Hello Bar. With Hello Bar, you will get a call to action button at the top of your blog or website. Thus, when someone gets to visit your website, they’ll see the call to action button and can subscribe to your email list.


  • Pay-Per-Click: If you have gotten a head start as an affiliate, you can decide to kick-start your affiliate marketing career with a pay-per-click (PPC) program.
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With perseverance and willingness, affiliate marketing will just be the next big breakthrough you might just be looking for.

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