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Online Money Making Machine:5 Tested, Proven and Working Ways To Make Money


The desire to make quick cash or establish more sustainable income-producing results online has piqued the interest of an overwhelmingly large number of folks living today. Frankly, only a meager fraction of these folks have an unrivaled passion for a legal way of accomplishing this, while the more significant part is compounded on taking illegal routes. Well, for making it out here, I’ve got you a whopping five star!

Decades ago, who would have thought of the internet as a passive way of getting money need I talk on solely depending on it full time! The good news is, earning isn’t a pipe dream neither mere wishful thinking; there are millions of people out there who are making it real big, why would you want to miss out on that?

Interestingly, the vast number of online revenue strategies aren’t complicated- it’s something you can accurately master and be a fantastic advocate. Though you should always take into thought that you did need to devote time, energy in building your ideas, sticking by your plans, because at the onset it might be slow, but that’s just the green light to grit, and just like any other profitable business, it takes time to grow.

These five proven and legit money making machine ways aren’t just stack of woods, preferably they are a pile of woods; neatly fleshed with real examples and succinct how to do’s. The list of ways which will earn our mention would:

  • Provide Instantaneous Results
  • Handle Your Basic Necessities like rents, groceries, and Utilities
  • Transform Your life By remolding Your Financial affairs in the Long Term.
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So, let’s take the point successively!

5 Proven And Legit Online Money Making Machine

Utilize The App Economy. If you are in a dire situation to address some immediate financial needs, this app economy is the best pick for you. Credit goes to the global sharing phenomenon, by our smartphones. And the universal connectivity available will afford you quick active income by using the recommended app. They are designed for ride sharing, deliveries, and quick tasks. But how can you do it? Let’s take an example

  • Drive For Uber or Lyft: Do you reside in a locality where uber or lyft could be found? Then, you are a step closer to utilizing the app economy. Uber is available 24/7. To begin, all you are required to do is:

1) Sign up Online
2) Share Some Documents
3) Activate Your Account

You may want to know the benefit embedded in this type of “online money making machine“; I’ll highlight six of the advantages of using this app economy:

  • You Can Set Your Hours
  • You Can Work Anytime
  • Payment is Instantly
  • Earn Money Your Way
  • Get in-app Direction
  • You Would Certainly Find Work Around


Trade Your Stuff. Entering the e-commerce fray is fun when you come through selling your stuff. Selling your stuff requires technical configuration and responsibility. For starters, ten of the requirements are:

  • A Website
  • Hosting Account
  • Merchant Account
  • Design Site
  • Build Sales Funnel
  • Email Marketing
  • Create Lead Marketing
  • E-commerce software
  • Warehousing
  • Customer Service

Apart from these mentioned above, you would also need traffic,  yes, that’s where search engine optimization, Facebook ads, and utilization of several social media campaigns would come in handy. However, you may feel inclined to use Amazon’s platform which might be the easiest route for you.

Shopify Ecommerce. This channel you the opportunity to build your storefront. Merely create a Shopify store. Woocommerce is a plugin that you can install to let you run your Ecommerce from your blog. Although, you will have to tender SSL certificate and a realistic way to process payment, just in a little while you might start running fast and get your money.

Use Existing Website. Lack of interest in driving or inability to meet the minimum requirement might make you want to opt in for another way of making money online. Using an existing website is undoubtedly another money making online machine strategy. Below is how you can go about it.

Fiverr: I doubt if you’ve never heard of fiverr before. It’s also a resource for selling just about anything online. Gig offered could be as low as $5, but you will undoubtedly get paid much more with more upgrades and add-ons. Be ready to provide critical values, watch your income grows. You could read about Levi Newman, Redd Horrock, and Charmaine Pocek on Forbes. These are Fiverr gurus who earn six figures a year. So, it’s not a child play.

Sell as an Affiliate. Earning income via the internet as an affiliate is realistic. You could start by sourcing product from ClickBank, Impact Radius, Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing, Share-a-sale and many more. Interestingly, a large number of these companies have their affiliate account too. Make diligent findings to evaluate which company would have a relevant product that would meet your audience.

Additionally, it might require that you have an active website that generates substantial traffic before you could be approved. But with a large audience, you will generate a sustainable income.

Online Courses. If you have the skills to teach people online, you’ve got an excellent way to make money. But what skills can you render? It could range from:

  • Cooking
  • Marketing
  • Language
  • Freelance Writing
  • Simple How to do’s
  • Music and others.
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But how can you get it done? Let’s discuss two common way.

    • Teachable.com. Most folks make use of this platform to set up their online course. On this platform, you can upload your course materials and then use the platform to process your payments and manage your customers.
    • YouTube.com. YouTube is another channel that has made it possible for people to set up an online class. You can get a channel of yours where you will start your lesson on the skill. You begin earning through the platform’s ad network or sponsored post. Just ensure that what you offer is top rated and high quality. You will get massive traffic which in turn would generate more income.
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