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E-commerce Marketing Strategy 2018

E-commerce Marketing Strategy

E-commerce Marketing strategy is employed in promoting online products on E-commerce websites. This branch of digital marketing helps sellers reach more customers online, more than they could reach in the traditional market with the same budget.

There are however, strategic ways of achieving effective reach and boosting sales via E-commerce marketing;

  1. Search Engine Marketing

The first place people turn to for information is the search engine synonymous to Google in most countries except Russia where Yandex is the popular search engine. Ecommerce websites can reach more customers by placing adverts with search engine companies. Whenever a customer’s search word(s) coincides with the sellers product name, the product information linked to your Ecommerce website is displayed among the foremost results.

To start promoting your product and/or service on google search engine;

  • Visit ads.google.com
  • Sign up using your gmail account and if you have an existing account, sign in.
  • If you are just signing up, fill in the required information as prompted including your website link.
  1. Content Marketing

Use the blog section of your E-commerce Marketing Strategy  2018 to promote your products. Since you want to sell online and many people are surfing the internet for any available information on what they need; write informative articles about your product with occasional inclusion of your product advert. Consequent visit by readers to your site because of such helpful article ameliorate your website reputation, which invariably boosts customers trust in your brand leading to more sales.

Ways of writing good content include:

  • Do a thorough research of the topic
  • Get other expert views on the topic
  • Chip in your invaluable experience using products associated with the topic
  • Let the article be 80 percent informative and 20 percent promotional
  1. Social Media Marketing
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Social Media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are the second home to many youths which has led to psychologists researching Social Media Addiction as a disease. Ensure your Ecommerce website has a social media presence. You can also boost your product on the created page on any of the social media of your choice. It is however advisable to conclude on the Ads type (design) you will be using to know the most suited platform for such. Text Ads such as write-up describing your product will be suited social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook and bad for Instagram.

To promote your E-commerce product on social media;

  • Create an account or page on the social media of your choice
  • Promote the page or account to get more followers
  • Boost posts on the page or account
  • Link the account to your website
  1. Email Marketing or Campaign

Another effective strategy of E-commerce Marketing Strategy is Email Marketing. With this strategy, you can distribute your latest and monthly newsletter to your customers and prospects, reminding them of old products in stock and your latest arrivals.

To use this strategy:

  • Include newsletter subscription form on your website
  • Ensure you include unsubscribe link in sent mails to subscribers because some customers might want to unsubscribe after some time, and without this link, they might start marking your mail as spam and this will affect your mailing rank which may result in sent emails landing in spam folder of customers.
  • Use Email Marketing tools like MailChimps to design and distribute your newsletter.
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