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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services: The Ultimate Platorm For Business Cloud Solutions

Overview(Microsoft Azure Cloud Services)

Barely a decade ago, the internet made tremendous advancement by creating a virtual arena, a medium, an ecosystem where a large amount of data can be stored. This aspect of internet service has developed to what is now called, cloud computing. Simply put, cloud computing is the rendering of computing services which include but not limited to data storage, data analytics, and networking, over the internet, based on a pay-per-use basis. Cloud providers are the corporations which render these services and will usually charge for them. They are a lot of cloud providers out there, but when it comes to the creme de la creme, none fits better than Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

What is Microsoft Azure

Formerly called Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud provider developed by Microsoft. First released on February 1, 2010, Microsoft Azure now offers a host of cloud computing services which users can benefit from. These include data storage, analytics, databases, programming, networking, application, and software developing. Microsoft Azure particularly stands out from its competition for its three in one computing stack. It offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (Saas).

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure offers a variety of cloud computing services. These services will be discussed below.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services - computeCompute: This service gives users the opportunity to develop and maintain virtual machines. This service also gives web developers the platform to easily develop, host and manage websites, including building applications and softwares.


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services - data storageData Storage: Through a set of protocols and interfaces, this service allows programs to store large amount of data, both structured and unstructured. Example of this service include the:
      • Table service, a NoSQL, non-relation database, which allows programs to store structured text in a partitioned way. This is done by a partition key.
      • File service which allows data to be stored via REST application program interfaces (API).
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services - mobile servicesMobile Services: These categories of services will provide a cloud space for developers to develop application and softwares which are suited for mobile devices. Examples of this service include:
      • HockeyApp: It is used to develop applications and also for testing the functioning and authenticity of applications.
      • Mobile Engagement: It provides notification service for mobile devices.


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services - ProtectionProtection: Microsoft Azure does not just allow cloud storage and networking, but also ensures that all the activities that go on within the Azure network are rightfully protected. This service makes it possible for only users who are authorized by Microsoft Azure to have access to Azure services. Data and other sensitive information are encrypted with encryption keys.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services -  analytic

Database and Analytics: Microsoft Azure also offer a host of databases and analytics services.

      • SQL Database, with the use of Microsoft SQL server technology, functions to create and extend applications into the Microsoft Azure cloud.  
      • Azure Stream Analytics: This analytic service allows users to analyze a large amount of data from multiple sources such as mobile devices, websites, and applications.
  • Messaging: The feature of Microsoft Azure responsible for providing this service is Microsoft Azure Service Bus. This bus allows applications functioning under the Azure cloud to communicate easily with Microsoft Azure.
  • Machine Learning: The machine learning service can be divided into two:
    • Cognitive Service: This service gives developers the opportunity of making their applications more efficient and engaging.
    • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: This service is more about analytics. It uses natural language to allow for analytics and data interaction. It comprises a part of the Cortana Intelligence Suit.

Other services offered by Microsoft Azure include media services, content delivery network, internet of things and management services.


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Just as it is with other cloud providers, Microsoft Azure’s pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is thus important for users of Microsoft Azure to efficiently manage their cloud usage so as to minimize cost and get the best out of Microsoft Azure.

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