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September 2018

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The cost of running a front-page advert in a national newspaper is nothing less than #200,000 and also the cost of running a campaign advert on either radio or television is not cheap as well. Politics is money! And most of the time, winning an election is not how much you have to spend but how wise and strategic you are in spending. The #NotTooYoungtoRun bill which was passed not quite long raised some concern that, even though youths manage to pay for nomination forms, many of them do not have enough financial backup that will help fund their campaign ― maybe because they

In our last post on How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Business and Budget we introduce and describe the different email marketing tools in detail. In this article, we will be discussing how you can effectively use this astounding software for promoting your business. Overview Types of Email Marketing There are different types of email marketing based on your intention of sending. The best way to get the most out of these campaigns is to understand the psyche of the receivers; and that is what we will be exploring in this series. To use Email Marketing Software Tools (either free or paid) like

In our last post, titled Email Marketing and Management we discussed the importance of email marketing and how to plan your campaign. In this article, we will be taking you through the different criteria and features to look out for in email marketing software tools and how to choose the best for your business/purpose based on your budget. Overview Email Marketing Tools are software that helps business owners to successfully build a campaign and effectively achieve the purpose of sending. Since these are optimizing software, it is reasonable for the developers to charge for them except if they would be making their money elsewhere

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in most countries especially in Africa with more than 2.2 billion active monthly users. The probability that an internet user does not have a Facebook account is very slim. This is the major reason every business owners need to take advantage of this platform. There is a high likelihood that you reading this have liked at least a page on Facebook. A Facebook Page is a subsidiary account user can create to promote a particular purpose especially business products/services without interfering with their private account. News website pages you might have clicked like to stay updated of

Overview Searching for a one-stop user friendly solution to all your online needs as far as email, cloud computing, file hosting, calenders, video calls or collaborations are concerned? Are you the director of a company looking for a more efficient way to collaborate with your employees? Then you need to know of this amazing all-in-one online service, Googles own reply to a host of management and productivity difficulties faced by most businesses and organization, G suite! What is G Suite? G suite, formerly called Google Apps, is a suite of applications which was developed by Google. First launched in August 28, 2006, G suite aims

Overview More than a decade ago, Bill Gates introduced Microsoft Office. Since then, Microsoft has experienced tremendous success and a lot of Microsoft software, including web-based and offline software have been introduced to the public. It is quite unfortunate though, that irrespective of the numerous software by Microsoft, only few, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and  Microsoft PowerPoint, are known by the public. Though, these three Microsoft tools seem to be the most popular out there, there are powerful Microsoft tools which are incredibly useful especially to businesses and enterprises. On this note, this article discusses Microsoft Sharepoint, a web based collaborative

Before You Read On How many times have you received a text on your phone informing you of a product/service? More than you could remember for sure. That is why you need to pay attention as you read on to learn the secret and opportunities mobile marketing can offer your business. Introduction Mobile in technology usually refers to Mobile Devices such as smartphones or tablet computer. Mobile devices now allow us to do a lot of things which could only be possible on a computer before. The major reason for the rise in the use of mobile devices is because it allows users to communicate with

Introduction Email is an abbreviation for Electric Mail. It enhances quicker, faster and safer means of message delivery from one person to another unlike the use of postal service (letter writing). Smart business owners today have discovered the potential of this platform to promote their businesses and this is changing the face of online business promotion.  Email marketing allows you to send email messages promoting your business to as much as possible people you have on your contact list. Aside from visiting social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, the other place people visit is their email, especially for important information like; Interview Invitation Business Proposal

Overview If you are well oriented with the internet, you most probably should know, Clickbank, eBay on and the big guy, Amazon. Well, if you don't know them yet, these are e-commerce platforms where products can be purchased. Every day, thousands of people use these e-commerce platforms to get what they need and even interestingly, these products can be delivered to their doorsteps if they want. Yeah! No need to go to the local market anymore. But even as products are purchased daily from these online platforms, there are smart guys out there who utilize these e-commerce platforms and make cool money from them.

How To Blog With WordPress: A fresh approach for beginners from an expert How To Blog With WordPress Starting a blog especially as a newbie in the freelancing world could be at most as terrifying as it can be. But with a comprehensive guide on how to run a blog powered by WordPress, you sure are on your way to achieving immense success even without being a geek. By the way, what is WordPress? In a simple term, we basically can define WordPress as a free personal online publishing platform. In other words, it is called a self-publishing blog script with lots of publishing characteristics designed