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August 2018

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Cloud computing is simply the delivery of computing services like storage, servers, databases, software, analytics and more by cloud providers - companies offering these services, for example, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform - over the internet (cloud) on a pay-as-you-go arrangement. You may want to ask, what is cloud computing all about and why is it so popular? Instead of having an in-house data center, companies may want to rent infrastructures and pay on an as -you-use basis. There are great benefits to having a rental could services. Here are few things you need to know about cloud computing: 1) You only pay for

One of the major aspects of internet marketing is search engine marketing(SEM). This is when your ads compete for a placement based on relevant keywords or phrases. "When users search with a specific keyword or phrase, search engines displace some ads on top, at the bottom or by the right side, those are paid advert, they are also known as pay per click ads because you are only charged when the ads are clicked on. The ones in the middle are the organic search result. You don't need to pay to be there. We will cover organic search results in later posts." It's actually